The New “Allure” of Patty Tobin

Platinum Style released it’s “Winter Fire” issue this month with a red hot feature on the New York-based R&B group, Allure.

R&B group, Allure, wearing Patty Tobin jewelry in Platinum Style MagazinePatty Tobin was thrilled to drape these gorgeous and extremely talented young women for Platinum Style’s winter fashion special. Akissa Mendez (right) and Lalisha “LaLa” McLean-Sanders (left) both rocked Patty Tobin jewels for the photoshoot. It was so much fun to see each lady immediately gravitate to pieces that so clearly reflected what each woman describes as her personal style.

LaLa (Allure) wearing Patty Tobin hematite bracelets and necklace

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When asked to describe her own individual style, LaLa, told Platinum Style that she is the “versatile” one. And we weren’t surprised at all! Of all the Patty Tobin jewelry out to choose from, LaLa decided to rock our new Hematite & Vermeil bracelets ($195 each).

Call it a coincidence, but these are the same bracelets we are always highlighting for their versatility. You can wear them as bracelets, or fasten two together to wear as a short necklace, or three together for a longer rope look, and that’s just what LaLa did! Check out the beautiful shot of LaLa sporting two bracelets together as a choker-style necklace with two more stacked on her wrist as bracelets.

Akisa from Allure wearing Patty Tobin jewelry

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Akissa, on the other hand, describes herself as the “edgier” one, which is easy to believe. Not only did she pick one of our big “mega” torsades in gorgeous faceted aqua quartz briolettes, but she also chose to rock our Hematite Rope necklace as a belt!! We LOVE when we get a chance to work with women who totally appreciate all of the different ways you can play around with Patty Tobin jewelry to reflect your own personal style.

Allure has produced three studio albums and are currently putting the “finishing touches” on their fourth album. As a family business, Patty and I totally admire these hard-working, tight-knit, female artists who describe themselves more as sisters than just members of the same musical group.

They know what it’s like to create your art independently; without the big checkbook and resources that come with a big label. (Oh, how well we know that story…) And just like these determined, tenacious women, we too agree that when it comes to your name, your brand, your business, creative control is worth everything.

So sing it sisters! We’re with you!

If you haven’t checked out Allure yet, you can visit their Facebook page and read the full story at Don’t forget to check out the great fashion spread in this month’s issue while you’re there!

Special thanks to Benjamin Soto Ortiz (Photographer) and Bree C. at Platinum Style.

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