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Support Women In The Military With A Shining Service Bracelet

Women in the military show off their Shining Service Bracelets
Women serving abroad proudly show off their Shining Service Bracelets.

We’re proud to announce the official launch of Shining Service Worldwide™, an organization dedicated to showing appreciation and support for women currently serving in the military, military vets and military spouses. We’ve been a proud participant of this initiative since the beginning and we couldn’t be more pleased with the growing recognition garnered for the 1.8 million women who have served in our armed forces.

When you take a moment to consider the fact that only 1% of Americans serve to protect the other 99% of us, it’s truly an extraordinary service that we couldn’t live without, and one that too often goes without sufficient thanks. In particular, the women serving this country too often fall through the cracks and do not get the attention they deserve, which is why Patty Tobin has partnered with Linda Franklin to develop this important cause whose sole purpose is to support these very women at home and abroad.

Designed by Patty Tobin, the Shining Service Bracelet™ is our way of bringing attention to our military women and also to help fund our mentoring services. Our black and clear crystal bracelets are a beautiful way to say thank you to our women in service and to show your support for veterans and military wives. A portion of proceeds go directly toward our mentoring program, which helps these women to acclimate back into civilian life after active tours.

Additionally, the Shining Service blog has been designed to encourage military women to use their voices and tell their stories. It is meant to be a resource for them to show that help and support is available to them from various sources. The third part of the program is the Shining Service Makeover Missions, which offer beauty makeovers at salons all over the country to these women as a way to reconnect with their feminine side. It also incorporates a three-month mentoring program for each woman, following her makeover, to help her continue to build her self-esteem once home from service. Each woman is provided with an executive mentor and a military mentor so all bases are covered.

More information is available on the Shining Service Worldwide™ website. Get involved today and show your support for these amazing women.

Women in the military wearing their Shining Service Bracelets

Service Women Deployed For Makeovers During Fleet Week!

When Oprah herself admits on national TV that SHE — who knows all — doesn’t know the name of one woman in the service, it’s time to do something to change that! That’s why this Memorial Day weekend, women in the military are being sent on a makeover mission by the “Real Cougar Woman” herself, Linda Franklin. Coining them her “Combat Cougars,” Franklin has partnered with jewelry designer Patty Tobin and others to give Fleet Week a pro-women tweak by empowering women and celebrating the role of WOMEN in the service – a role that is too often forgotten.

Combat Cougar BraceletThe Combat Cougar Makeovers will be a way to thank military sisters-in-arms for their shining service. Participants will be treated to a head-to-toe makeover, including new do’s, makeup and wardrobe at the Patrick Melville Salon in NYC, a complimentary Combat Cougar BraceletTM, donated for the event by designer, Patty Tobin; plus, free “Adrenal Fatigue” testing complete with a private medical consultation, courtesy of Jennifer Landa MD, hormone expert and Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD. To top off the day, an “after” photo shoot will follow with celebrity photographer and reality TV star Mike Ruiz at the Top of the Rock.

The Combat Cougar BraceletTM is a beautiful black and crystal bracelet, designed by Patty Tobin, and made right her in the USA. Franklin and Tobin have partnered to create the bracelet as part of the Combat Cougars campaign to raise awareness and support for women in the military. It is a fashionable symbol that can be worn as a show of solidarity and support for our brave service women. A portion of sales proceeds go directly to benefit programs that support our women veterans. To find out more about these bracelets or to purchase one today for only $19.99, click here.

The event will begin at 8:00AM on Friday, May 27th at the Patrick Melville Salon, located at 45 Rockefeller Center (between 5th & 6th Avenues and 50th & 51st Streets; directly across from the Associated Press and next to the Sports Club LA.)

Event sponsors include: The Real Cougar Woman, blogger, and author of Don’t Ever Call Me Ma’am, Linda Franklin; fine fashion jewelry designer, Patty Tobin; celebrity stylist, Patrick Melville, of Patrick Melville Salon; fashion e-tailer, PeppermintPark; and wellness giant, BodyLogicMD.

Combat Cougar Bracelet — Make A Difference

Combat Cougars Bracelets making a difference at home and oversees

Combat Cougar Bracelets are making a difference at home and oversees. Pictured above from left to right: Two U.S. soldiers happily show off their new Combat Cougar Bracelets; Miss USA shows her support with The Real Cougar Woman, Linda Franklin, at USO event in NYC.

Women everywhere are showing their support for women in the military by wearing our Combat Cougar BraceletsTM.  Designed by Patty Tobin, these beautiful black and clear crystal bracelets are made in America, by Americans, for America. The Combat Cougars campaign, founded by The Real Cougar Woman, Linda Franklin, is a unique and important initiative that offers each of us a chance to give this lovely and meaningful bracelet as a gift to one of our brave women currently serving in the armed forces.

Sending a bracelet to a women serving in the military is a small token that serves as a reminder to them and to us that even though they are far away, these women are always in our thoughts. Buy one for yourself or for a friend or family member with a loved one currently serving – whether she’s a wife of, daughter of, sister of – and wear it to show your recognition and support for our brave soldiers. “The bracelet is beautiful and I will wear it with pride for all the women in the military, on the top of the list, my beautiful granddaughter, Brooke,” says Marilynn Krause, a proud supporter of Combat Cougars.

Franklin and Tobin are extremely proud to be a part of such an important campaign that continues to pay tribute to our soldiers serving oversees while still managing to direct a portion of sales proceeds to benefit programs serving our women veterans. Miss USA, Rima Fakih, was among those to recently pledge her support and don her new Combat Cougar BraceletTM at the USO Woman of the Year Event in April at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City (pictured above with Linda Franklin).

It’s easy to get involved! All it takes is a couple minutes of your time and a quick visit to the Combat Cougars website. Purchase a bracelet today for only $19.99. Every bracelet makes a difference, so go ahead — it’s one purchase you know you can feel really good about.