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The New “Allure” of Patty Tobin

Platinum Style released it’s “Winter Fire” issue this month with a red hot feature on the New York-based R&B group, Allure.

R&B group, Allure, wearing Patty Tobin jewelry in Platinum Style MagazinePatty Tobin was thrilled to drape these gorgeous and extremely talented young women for Platinum Style’s winter fashion special. Akissa Mendez (right) and Lalisha “LaLa” McLean-Sanders (left) both rocked Patty Tobin jewels for the photoshoot. It was so much fun to see each lady immediately gravitate to pieces that so clearly reflected what each woman describes as her personal style.

LaLa (Allure) wearing Patty Tobin hematite bracelets and necklace

Click image to shop this style at pattytobin.com.

When asked to describe her own individual style, LaLa, told Platinum Style that she is the “versatile” one. And we weren’t surprised at all! Of all the Patty Tobin jewelry out to choose from, LaLa decided to rock our new Hematite & Vermeil bracelets ($195 each).

Call it a coincidence, but these are the same bracelets we are always highlighting for their versatility. You can wear them as bracelets, or fasten two together to wear as a short necklace, or three together for a longer rope look, and that’s just what LaLa did! Check out the beautiful shot of LaLa sporting two bracelets together as a choker-style necklace with two more stacked on her wrist as bracelets.

Akisa from Allure wearing Patty Tobin jewelry

Call us at 212.414.0174 to place your order for either or both of these beautiful necklaces.

Akissa, on the other hand, describes herself as the “edgier” one, which is easy to believe. Not only did she pick one of our big “mega” torsades in gorgeous faceted aqua quartz briolettes, but she also chose to rock our Hematite Rope necklace as a belt!! We LOVE when we get a chance to work with women who totally appreciate all of the different ways you can play around with Patty Tobin jewelry to reflect your own personal style.

Allure has produced three studio albums and are currently putting the “finishing touches” on their fourth album. As a family business, Patty and I totally admire these hard-working, tight-knit, female artists who describe themselves more as sisters than just members of the same musical group.

They know what it’s like to create your art independently; without the big checkbook and resources that come with a big label. (Oh, how well we know that story…) And just like these determined, tenacious women, we too agree that when it comes to your name, your brand, your business, creative control is worth everything.

So sing it sisters! We’re with you!

If you haven’t checked out Allure yet, you can visit their Facebook page and read the full story at PlatinumStyleMag.com. Don’t forget to check out the great fashion spread in this month’s issue while you’re there!

Special thanks to Benjamin Soto Ortiz (Photographer) and Bree C. at Platinum Style.

Fall Into Fashion with Platinum Style & Patty Tobin

Jewelry designer Patty Tobin drapes model in pearl and onyx ropes.

Patty Tobin loves to layer. Always focused on keeping her pieces versatile, Patty Tobin creates many rope style necklaces like this beautiful white pearl and onyx rope with 18K vermeil detail ($495 each).

“Patty Tobin does not fit the typical mold of the successful jewelry designer that she is,” says Platinum Style in their new Fall 2012 issue profiling the designer and
her stunning collection of semiprecious gemstone and pearl jewelry.

Well, if you ask us, that’s an understatement. There’s not much that is “typical” about Patty Tobin — the woman or the jewelry. She’s a one-of-a kind woman building a one-of-a-kind jewelry empire; one necklace at a time.  After a lifelong career in marketing and business development, Tobin embarked on a creative venture that she didn’t realize at the time would turn out to be the perfect merger of her business sensibilities and a then undiscovered talent for design.

Patty Tobin gemstone and pearl necklaces

Top: Microfaceted Onyx & White Freshwater Pearl Lariat Necklace ($895); 18K Vermeil-set Onyx Earrings ($95). Bottom: Pink & White Biwa and Coin Pearl Torsade by Patty Tobin ($795).

When we first met with Platinum Style‘s team to begin planning for the fall issue, both the stylists and the photographers who came to the boutique were constantly repeating their amazement with Patty’s collection. The only difficulty, they said, was in choosing which of her amazing pieces to use for their “Fall Into Fashion” issue. “Looking at the beautiful jewelry pieces displayed in her boutique, you would expect her to be a seasoned artisan that’s been perfecting her craft for the past 30 years,” says the mag.

Since opening on the inaugural Fashion’s Night Out in September of 2009, Patty Tobin jewelry has been very well received both by new local clientele as well as various members of the media, including CBSNews.com, Women’s Day, Esthetique, and Plus Model Magazine. USA Today and CNN have also profiled Patty Tobin and her dramatic career shift for feature stories related to successful career moves.

Patty admits to being a “bit of an oddity by traditional standards,” in her interview with the magazine, but believes she represents a growing group of men and women who have ventured into an entirely new career later in life. In that respect, she says, “I guess I am the poster child for the career set over 50.”

White coin pearl torsade and baroque freshwater pearl earrings by Patty Tobin

White Coin Pearl Torsade ($795) by Patty Tobin and White Baroque Freshwater Pearl Earrings in 18K Vermeil ($110) by Patty Tobin.

A self-admitted “fashion junky,” Tobin says when it comes to her “design process,” she is unlike many other jewelry designers. Her natural sense of style, paired with an eye for aesthetics, and the discerning taste of a third-generation fashion maven, is what guides Tobin’s creativity. Pulling inspiration from everything around her — from the women on the street in New York to old photographs of movie stars and fashion icons to the flowers in the park or the sun setting over the Hudson — Tobin is always absorbing the vibrance of her surrounding environment and looking for different ways to reflect those elements in her jewelry.

Beginning with a search for materials, Tobin says she will snatch up pearls or stones or metal findings that are a “bit funky” whenever she can. “I’m looking for something a little different, a little unusual, but that will still appeal to my customer base.” Whether it’s rough cut ametrines, or faceted bilemon topaz nuggets, or a firey bunch of blue-gray labradorite briolettes — two of the designer’s favorites by the way — Patty is always looking for the best quality semiprecious gemstones and pearls that she can fashion together this way or that for an unexpected twist.

Blue jewelry (accessories) by Patty Tobin

Blue Topaz Acanthus Cocktail Ring ($995) & Blue Topaz Triple-Drop Briolette Earrings ($395).

Using gemstones in rich, vibrant colors and pearls of all different shapes, sizes, and hues, Patty Tobin creates jewelry that is at once classic, but also fashionable. “Understated Elegance,” says Tobin, is her trademark aesthetic. “For me, nothing makes a statement quite like the sophisticated elegance of a traditional design brought fashion forward just enough to make it stand out without being ‘trendy.'”

Patty Tobin shares her genuine enthusiasm for what she does with Platinum Style, explaining that “being able to create these ‘pretty’ things that make people happy when they put it on gives me great pleasure.” We would be forgetting a key factor if we didn’t mention the value of Patty Tobin jewelry and the crucial role her price-points play in the designer’s success.

Not only is Patty Tobin jewelry beautiful, but one of the founding principles of the Patty Tobin brand is affordability. “The fact that we make [our jewelry] affordable is perhaps the most satisfying part of the business,” says Tobin. “You don’t have to make a ‘gabillion’ dollars to afford Patty Tobin fine fashion jewelry.” It is this mixture of quality, beauty and affordability that has been the recipe for success for Patty Tobin — the woman, the business, and, of course, the jewelry.

Citrine & 18K Vermeil Chains by Patty Tobin

Honey colored citrine cabochon gemstones adorn these long 18K Vermeil chains by Patty Tobin ($395 each).

So what does the designer want you take away from this story?

Two things: First, never say never. Patty could never have imagined departing from the consulting world she had always known for nearly thirty years to reinvent herself in her mid-fifties as a jewelry designer in New York City. But, like the designer says, “Who knew?” Anything is possible if you work hard enough and smart enough. Second, please — I say again, please — support small businesses whenever possible.

“Small businesses have always been the backbone of this Country,” Tobin points out at the close of her interview. “As all of us as consumers are looking for ‘value’ in our purchases, so [also] as consumers, should we look to add value to our financial and business systems,” by supporting local small businesses. Patty Tobin Fine Fashion Jewelry is manufactured not only in the United States, but in New York State.

Open Closet Magazine Launches with Mob Wives Star Ramona Rizzo & Jewelry Designer Patty Tobin in NYC

Open Closet Magazine, a new fashion publication based in NYC, is on a mission to promote new up-and-coming designers like Patty Tobin in a way that inspires its audience. The only magazine of its kind, Open Closet Magazine, hopes to be the leader when it comes to spotting and promoting new talent among designers from every end of the spectrum.

The magazine launched its first issue for September 2012 with Mob Wives star, Ramona Rizzo, gracing the cover and wearing a Patty Tobin bali sterling and freshwater pearl bracelet ($225, available online) and a pair of our pink baroque freshwater pearl earrings ($95, available through special order, call 212.414.0174).

Ramona Rizzo wearing a keshi pearl torsade by Patty Tobin and a pair of long white pearl and clear crystal earrings.

Working with co-founder and stylist, Avery Johnson, was such a treat! He loves Patty Tobin jewelry and hand-picked each piece that was featured in the magazine, including the pink and peacock keshi pearl torsade as seen on Ramona in the photo to your right ($895, available by phone: 212.414.0174).

The whole team at Open Closet is just a great group of talented people, including Ramona who is such a doll. She loved the jewelry and was so excited to get her new Patty Tobin necklace at the launch party.

Patty Tobin with Mob Wives Star, Ramona Rizzo, as she shows off her new Patty Tobin necklace at Open Closet Magazine's launch party in NYC.

Not only did we get the opportunity to work with Avery and his team to drape Ramona for the shoot, but they were so taken with Patty’s jewelry, they wanted to feature her as one of the main designers for their first issue! Scroll down to see the amazing two-page spread on Patty Tobin and her fine fashion jewelry collection. Plus, visit our Facebook page for some excellent party pics of Patty and her gang at the launch event here in New York.

We have no doubt that the magazine will be a smashing success and we can’t wait to work with them again down the road! If you haven’t heard of of Open Closet Magazine before, you should definitely check them out online or follow them on Facebook.

Open Closet Magazine features jewelry designer, Patty Tobin, and her line of semiprecious gemstone and pearl jewelry in its premiere issue (September 2012). In this shot: Labradorite Earrings in Sterling Silver ($165), Peridot Cabochon Torsade ($1295), Madeira Citrine Acanthus Cocktail Ring ($1395), Abalone Double-strand Torsade ($595).

Cover Shoot with Mob Wives Star wearing Patty Tobin

Mob Wives star, Ramona Rizzo, will be featured on the cover of the upcoming debut issue of Open Closet Magazine, a new publication for fashionistas that is dedicated to promoting and creating buzz and awareness around talented emerging designers, models, and artists. We had the pleasure of working with fashion editor at large and co-founder of Open Closet Magazine, Avery Johnson, who explains the magazine’s ultimate goal is “to be a leader in showcasing the full spectrum of designers in a way that inspires – a one stop shop for stimulation, information, and beautification!”

We couldn’t be happier to work with Avery and his fabulous team! Check out the first teaser shot from Ramona’s cover shoot (below) where she’s wearing our bali sterling and freshwater pearl bracelet ($225). This style is available online at PattyTobin.com.

Ramona Rizzo wearing Patty Tobin for Open Closet Magazine Cover Shoot

Ramona Rizzo wearing Patty Tobin (bali sterling and freshwater pearl bracelet, $225) for Open Closet Magazine's first Cover Shoot.

Metroland Summer Fashion Special 2012

America’s Next Top Model runner-up, Laura LaFrate, appears on the cover of Metroland‘s latest issue for the Summer Fashion 2012 Special, which features this photo of her in a gorgeous Alice & Olivia silk blouse and skirt and our new Carnelian Gemstone chains ($295). Both are available at Circles in Stuyvesant Plaza! Visit our online store to shop for this necklace and others like it!!

Fashion Special in Metroland Features Patty Tobin Carnelian Chain Necklace

Carnelian gemstone chain by Patty Tobin

Shop for this necklace online at PattyTobin.com/shop!!

Patty Tobin’s Debut In Europe Hits The Press

L'Officiel covers Patty Tobin's debut in Eastern Europe.

The "Bible of fashion and high society" (L'Officiel) covered Lithuania's New York guest, Patty Tobin, at her debut event at the Yurga Lago boutique. Eastern European super model Smilte Bagoziune models Patty Tobin's fiery carnelian gemstone lariat above. (Click image to enlarge)

L'Officiel covers Patty Tobin debut

L'Officiel is the "essential" fashion and beauty read for high-class, educated women.

We’re so pleased to share the recent coverage Patty Tobin received in some major media outlets in Eastern Europe following her debut in Vilnius and Klaipeda in December.  The shows, hosted by renowned Lithuanian jewelry designer, Yurga Lago, were a smashing success with an impressive VIP guest list at both, including a number of celebrities, fashion stylists and industry executives as well as artists, on camera news anchors and fashion press.

The ultimate French fashion magazine, L’Officiel, was in attendance and covered the event featuring photos of Eastern European super model Smilte Bagoziune wearing Patty Tobin. More guest photos included major fashionista and celebrity stylist, Karinai Leontjevai, as well as Saulius Ivanauskas and Nerija Makarkaite, husband and wife co-owners of the exclusive and trendy Vilnius boutique, BOHO Chic.

Zmones (People magazine Lithuania) covers Patty Tobin's debut in Eastern Europe.

People magazine's eastern European edition, Zmones, printed a full page spread on Patty Tobin's debut at the Yurga Lago boutique in Lithuania. (Click image to enlarge)

People magazine’s Eastern European edition, Zmones, also was at the party and gave a full page spread to the event in their recent issue. Photos of artist Giedrius Gustas and Lino Lago (Yurga’s husband) and newscaster Jovita Valeikaite, a local lifestyle and fashion TV news anchor were among those featured from the night.

Patty Tobin and Yurga Lago

Jewelry designers Yurga Lago (left) and Patty Tobin (right) enjoy a successful show in Vilnius.

Not only did this trip mark the entrance of Patty Tobin jewelry to Europe, but it was also the first in a series of conferences organized by the two designers to discuss future ventures in Moscow as well as parts of Western Europe. Yurga and Tobin have been working together for more than a year to cross-promote each other’s brands in their respective markets of Lithuania and New York, but more collaboration is in the works.

The announcement was made at the shows of the designers’ plans to open a New York City showroom together later this year following the launch of Yurga Lago at the Patty Tobin boutique in Chelsea for New York’s biggest annual fashion extravaganza, Fashion’s Night Out, in September. Patty will begin carrying Yurga’s collection in our boutique a few weeks prior to Yurga’s official launch on FNO 2012. Lots more in the works, so be sure to stay tuned!

PLUS Model Magazine Sparks Controversy with Gutsy Photoshoot

PLUS Model Magazine features Patty Tobin jewelry

PLUS Model Magazine features jewelry by Patty Tobin in it's January 2012 issue that has sparked a media frenzy with it's "Plus Size Bodies: What’s Wrong With Them Anyways?" feature story.

PLUS Model Magazine recent feature, “Plus Size Bodies: What’s Wrong With Them Anyways?” has sparked a major media frenzy over the past week that’s reached around the globe and led to feature stories on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, Entertainment Tonight, Fox News, and dozens of other newspaper and blog websites.

ABC's Diane Sawyer covers PLUS size models story

Click image to Watch Diane Sawyer's segment on ABC

Our involvement with this issue, of course, started when Patty Tobin jewelry was selected for the January 2012 issue that features plus-size model Katya Zharkova in a gutsy photoshoot that has since been characterized as “explosive” and “thought provoking.”

The question the issue poses is simple: What’s so wrong with plus sized bodies anyways? The answer: nothing.

Entertainment Tonight reports on Plus size bodies controversy

Click image to Watch Entertainment Tonight's video segment

Then why has this story stirred up so much controversy you ask? Because, in addition to the fact that women today are bombarded with countless weight-loss advertisements every single day by a multi-billion dollar industry that preys on the fear of being fat, according to editor-in-chief of PPM Madeline Figueroa-Jones who wrote the hot topic article, the fashion industry has continued to support the dwindling figure of your average American model. Despite the fact that 50% of women in this country today wear a size 14 or larger, the vast majority of models today continue to shrink down to anorexic proportions.

Plus Size Bodies: What's Wrong With Them Anyways?

Click image to read the whole article

Frankly, our position on the issue is this: These women are beautiful! They’re healthy, they’re curvy and it’s about time we start addressing the fact that the “full figured” woman who takes care of herself and styles herself is as lovely as her smaller counterpart. Good things not only come in small packages but in larger packages too!  The idea that mainstream perception of “full figure” is synonymous with “fat” or “unhealthy” is ludacris!

Patty Tobin jewelry always makes a statement but has never made a better one than it has here in Katya’s photo shoot.  We often style this pearl lariat down the bare back of a black tie ensemble, but Jacci Jaye takes it to a whole other level by draping it down Katya’s bare back with nothing else but her Christian Louboutin’s.

We are so excited for the follow up story PPM’s February issue will feature on the story behind the shoot. The teasers are out and Patty Tobin jewelry is featured!

Get the Look - Luxe Jewels by Patty Tobin

Check out more on "Get the Look -- Luxe Jewels" featuring Patty Tobin

For now though, check out the latest installment of “Get The Look” featured by PPM. It highlights the “Luxe Jewels” Katya Zharkova wore for the photoshoot, including our Patty Tobin jewels. “[Donning] nothing but goegeous baubles, bangles and beads” by Patty Tobin and Atelier Minyon, stylist Jacci Jaye shares with readers where they can get the same look. Check out the story online here and look for it in the next issue of PPM out February 1st 2012!

Patty Tobin has always believed that accessories rule when it comes to fashion.   A woman’s outfit may be her canvas, but her true style – that which is most unique to her personality – is found in her accessories: her jewelry, her shoes, her bag, her belt, her scarf. It’s always been our motto that jewelry is the “ultimate fashion accessory” and it seems so appropriate to use it here – where a woman’s size has no baring on her beauty or style whatsoever. Whatever your size, Patty Tobin jewelry is a one-size fits all luxury for every woman.

Plus Model Mag Worldwide Media Coverage

Click Image to view Worldwide Media Coverage

Fashion’s Night Out Party at Patty Tobin

FNO party pics at Patty Tobin

Clockwise from top left: Karina Mitchell, Patty Tobin, Sharina Mitchell; guests of Patty Tobin; Prince Malik, Patty Tobin, Nina Fuentes; Patty Tobin and Warren Donner; Catherine Russell and Jerry Griffin.

It was another great party at the Patty Tobin boutique in Chelsea last week. Fashion’s Night Out 2011 marked our two-year anniversary and we couldn’t have been happier to welcome our friends and supporters to celebrate with us. The party was a hit and everyone was oohing and ahhing over the debut of our new Patty Tobin SKIN collection, which goes on sale today on our online store. Guests sipped champagne, donned the new jewels and danced in the streets to our fabulous karaoke favorites. Catherine Russell even picked up the mic to grace us with her amazing vocals during the party.

Our favorite CBS Early Show contributor, Dr. Jennifer Hartstein

We had some exciting celebrity guests stop by, including Karina Mitchell, who just finished a fabulous CBS News segment on Patty and her exciting new reptilian jewelry collection, and even Prince Malik, our favorite hip-hop recording artist and friend. We have some great pictures from the party on our Facebook page, so be sure to check them out! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to show their support and for those of you who couldn’t make it, be sure to check out the new collection online at PattyTobin.com!

CBS Celebrity Circuit Reporter Karina Mitchell Says “Skin Is In”

New Fire Agate Ropes by Patty Tobin are the gem of her new SKIN collection for fall.

CBS Celebrity Circuit reporter, Karina Mitchell, lists the 10 most popular trends for fall in her latest article, What to buy on Fashion’s Night Out?

“Skin is in,” reports Mitchell, highlighting Patty Tobin’s trendsetting reptilian jewelry collection for fall. “The innovative fashion queen has launched an exquisite line of beautifully crafted fired agate and crystal necklaces that can be draped in a variety of ways for an all out killer look,” she says. “Her pieces constitute wearable pieces of art that will work for this season and beyond.”

We are so excited to have CBS cover our new SKIN collection, which is set to debut at our second anniversary party on Fashion’s Night Out this Thursday. Immediately following our New York launch, Patty is headed for Miami to unveil the collection at The Chill Concept at Hardcore on September 10th.

Patty Tobin's reptilian jewelry collection set to take Fashion Week by storm - Watch CBS News Video

Obsession of the Week (BeautySweetSpot.com)

Magnetic appeal of the nesting necklace.

While in last week, Jeannine Morris, prominent beauty blogger noted the innovative concept of  Patty Tobin’s nesting necklaces with magnetic clasp. The versatility of this design allows the wearer multiple styling options.  The classic look is wearing the pair together. Other options include wearing each piece separately and; using the elegant magnetic clasp to rope the two pieces together  for a long, chic look.

Nesting turquoise necklace by Patty Tobin

Click image to shop this style

The longer turquoise measures at 19″, while the shorter rests at 17″. Whichever way you decide to wear it, this versatile pair certainly ensures you get the most “glam” for your “green”!

This piece is also available in a multitude of colored gemstones or pearls.

Available at NYC boutique in Chelsea, PattyTobin or call 877.772.8891