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June 10, 2016  |  New Arrivals, News & Events

Patty Tobin has created some truly unique pieces this summer. These beautiful necklaces feature complex wire-wrap pendants in sterling silver. Patty has commissioned artisans from across the country, to create these precious one-of-a-kind works of wearable art.

Patty Tobin Sterling Silver Spiral Pendant Necklaces

First-Edition Patty Tobin designs for Summer 2016. Read on for details about the styles shown above.

The centerpiece of each piece consists of a central semi-precious gemstone woven (by hand) into an elaborate and intricate maze of winding sterling silver. By pairing each pendant with single or multiple strands of brightly colored semi-precious gemstones like the vibrant Apatite (left) and rich Prasiolite (center) shown above, Patty adds a burst of color that pulls you in until your focus falls on the remarkable central pendant designs.

More pieces are currently in the works and will be posted on our Facebook, Blog, and Instagram once available. To date five of the six first-edition designs have sold, including all three of the necklaces shown above (details provided at the end of this article). There is still one piece left and it’s this gorgeous Iolite gemstone necklace:

patty tobin summer 2016 iolite wire-wrap necklace

The last of Patty Tobin’s newest collection, this first edition gemstone wire-wrap necklace features multiple strands of faceted Iolite briolettes and a central pendant made up of Opal and Lapis wrapped in Sterling Silver, $1,495.

From left to right, here are the details for the necklaces shown at the beginning of this article:

Apatite briolette double-strand with Aquamarine wrapped in Sterling Silver, $1495.

Prasiolite briolette double-strand with raw green Emerald in Sterling Silver, $1495.

Sunstone briolette with Moonstone inside Sterling Silver wire-wrap, $1495.

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