Patty Tobin’s Wearable Art Now Available In Miami
September 21, 2011  |  News & Events
Patty Tobin Opens at the Hardcore Art Contemporary Space in Miami

Patty Tobin jewelry collection now on sale at The Chill Concept at Hardcore in Miami. From top left: Nina Fuentes and Patty Tobin; Patty Tobin and Natasha Duwin; new green agate shard necklace by Patty Tobin. From bottom left: Wynwood art district; Hardcore Art Contemporary Space.

As of September 10th, Patty Tobin jewelry is now available in the Wynwood Art District in Miami! The grand opening of The Chill Conceptat the Hardcore Art Contemporary Space was a huge success and we couldn’t be more excited to have our collection residing in such an innovative space.

The concept for the gallery is so unique and belongs to a truly amazing woman by the name of Nina Fuentes. In her interview with Art Districts Magazine, she explains that her goal in designing The Chill Concept was to “create a visually and emotionally stimulating space where people of all ages could come and reconnect with themselves.”

“I think the time has come for people to integrate art into their daily lives,” she says. “Art should be interactive. It forms part of you as an individual and vice versa.” And that is precisely what is offered at The Chill Concept. It is a place where people can come and interact with one another and various forms of art. We’ve always considered Patty’s jewelry to be wearable pieces of art and it’s truly thrilling to be recognized for that particular quality by a woman like Nina.

With our new installation now up and running, we have no doubt it is a natural fit for this newly designed interactive art space. All of the jewelry on display is available for sale at the gallery, so if you’re in the area, stop by and check out the new collection!

The Chill Concept at Hardcore, 70 NW 25th Street, Miami, FL 33127

Phone: 305.576.1646        Website:

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