High Heels & Hot Flashes Picks Up on Patty’s Hot Style
June 2, 2010  |  News & Events
High Heels & Hot Flashes Interviews Patty Tobin

Highheelshotflashes.com brings positive and enlightening information and stories to women 40+ or anyone who is interested in keeping in touch with life.

The “Hot Style” feature of the month, Patty Tobin talks with High Heels & Hot Flashes about what makes a woman over 40 more successful as an entrepreneur. As a seasoned marketing consultant turned jewelry designer, Tobin says it is a combination of passion, experience and hard work that makes the difference. A shining example of this, Patty speaks about how her age has empowered her to be more confident later in her career. “I’m the typical 70s kind of girl who was ‘going to make it after all’,” says the designer. “The challenges we were up against then, I felt then. So now in my later career, reincarnated, there are obstacles, but nothing like what I experienced as a younger woman.” Read more of Patty’s interview and check out this not-to-be-missed blog…

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