From Business Strategy to Jewelry Design, Patty Tobin talks with CNN on making a mid-life career change
January 14, 2011  |  News & Events

It wasn’t until her late-50s that Patty Tobin decided to wave goodbye to her life-long career as a business strategy consultant and embrace a new life and a new business as a jewelry designer. Despite the tough economic times, Tobin opened her Chelsea boutique in September 2009. “I was nervous knowing what I was up against,” Tobin said. “Branding a business in a good economy is challenging, and a bad economy is worse. As a consultant, I knew all of it.” While support from family and friends was critical, there were still some who doubted her venture, says Tobin. “I had some people saying it’s going to be over before it starts.” Despite the naysayers, however, Tobin has seen so much success in the first two-years of her business that she plans to open a second boutique in the next year. When looking to make a major career change, Tobin says, “”Know there will be defeats and challenges along the way,” she said. “But if you’re passionate, it will give you the strength to forge ahead.”

This article appeared online at as part of their New Career Landscape coverage. Read the full article, “From lawyer to comedian? Making a mid-life career change,” by Stephanie Chen.

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