Obsession of the Week

Don’t let this dreary week of less than desirable weather get you down. After all, It’s officially spring!! ..Speaking of, those spring fashion runways were all about sparkle and bling, giving you the green light to glitz up your wardrobe and boost your mood with some serious glamour! Get down to Patty Tobin and make one (or two) of our exclusive pieces part of your spring uniform!

This week we are featuring our fabulous “Ice” Raw Amethyst necklace with a twist crystal-set ball clasp. This exclusive piece encompasses the natural beauty and color of the “icy” amethyst stone. Check out Dr. Jen Hartstein sporting the “Ice” Raw Amethyst necklace on the CBS Early Show.

Amethyst Ice by Patty Tobin

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Available at NYC boutique in Chelsea or online at www.pattytobin.com/shop

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