Let There Be Light: Wearing The Stone Of The Sun
May 19, 2018  |  News & Events


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Captivating everyone from Queen Victoria to Scottish Soldiers to Hollywood celebrities to the ancient Greeks and Romans, citrines have charmed men and women from around the world for hundreds of years. As attractive in its healing properties and positive energy as the stones are themselves, citrines are said to purge negative, toxic energy, boost self-improvement, and invite inspiration.

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History has ascribed the titles of “The Merchant’s Stone” and “The Stone of Success” to citrine, for it is said to attract wealth and abundance. For those seeking abundance in business success or financial gain, these golden nuggets encourage a strengthening of personal will, active self-improvement, creative thinking, and inspiration and ideas, which all play a role in achieving those goals.

Cleanse and rejuvenate your body and spirit: Wear citrines.
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Rid yourself of negative energy that can bog down your spirit: Wear citrines.

The purging of negative energy is key to the benefits this stone can bring. We are constantly absorbing harmful energy from our environment, which leads to a build-up of toxins that block the flow of our creative ideas. By wearing citrines, their positive energy acts as a purifier to our bodies and minds, which is why it is so often linked to boosting one’s creative process.

Enhance your mental clarity and watch the flow of ideas rush in.
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Who knew the healing properties of this stone could look so good?


The best way to benefit from these energies is to wear them on your body.


Be inspired to be better and to be healthier: Wear citrines.

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