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Patty Tobin’s Debut In Europe Hits The Press

L'Officiel covers Patty Tobin's debut in Eastern Europe.

The "Bible of fashion and high society" (L'Officiel) covered Lithuania's New York guest, Patty Tobin, at her debut event at the Yurga Lago boutique. Eastern European super model Smilte Bagoziune models Patty Tobin's fiery carnelian gemstone lariat above. (Click image to enlarge)

L'Officiel covers Patty Tobin debut

L'Officiel is the "essential" fashion and beauty read for high-class, educated women.

We’re so pleased to share the recent coverage Patty Tobin received in some major media outlets in Eastern Europe following her debut in Vilnius and Klaipeda in December.  The shows, hosted by renowned Lithuanian jewelry designer, Yurga Lago, were a smashing success with an impressive VIP guest list at both, including a number of celebrities, fashion stylists and industry executives as well as artists, on camera news anchors and fashion press.

The ultimate French fashion magazine, L’Officiel, was in attendance and covered the event featuring photos of Eastern European super model Smilte Bagoziune wearing Patty Tobin. More guest photos included major fashionista and celebrity stylist, Karinai Leontjevai, as well as Saulius Ivanauskas and Nerija Makarkaite, husband and wife co-owners of the exclusive and trendy Vilnius boutique, BOHO Chic.

Zmones (People magazine Lithuania) covers Patty Tobin's debut in Eastern Europe.

People magazine's eastern European edition, Zmones, printed a full page spread on Patty Tobin's debut at the Yurga Lago boutique in Lithuania. (Click image to enlarge)

People magazine’s Eastern European edition, Zmones, also was at the party and gave a full page spread to the event in their recent issue. Photos of artist Giedrius Gustas and Lino Lago (Yurga’s husband) and newscaster Jovita Valeikaite, a local lifestyle and fashion TV news anchor were among those featured from the night.

Patty Tobin and Yurga Lago

Jewelry designers Yurga Lago (left) and Patty Tobin (right) enjoy a successful show in Vilnius.

Not only did this trip mark the entrance of Patty Tobin jewelry to Europe, but it was also the first in a series of conferences organized by the two designers to discuss future ventures in Moscow as well as parts of Western Europe. Yurga and Tobin have been working together for more than a year to cross-promote each other’s brands in their respective markets of Lithuania and New York, but more collaboration is in the works.

The announcement was made at the shows of the designers’ plans to open a New York City showroom together later this year following the launch of Yurga Lago at the Patty Tobin boutique in Chelsea for New York’s biggest annual fashion extravaganza, Fashion’s Night Out, in September. Patty will begin carrying Yurga’s collection in our boutique a few weeks prior to Yurga’s official launch on FNO 2012. Lots more in the works, so be sure to stay tuned!

A Hardcore Thank You to Miami’s Chill Concept

Patty Tobin's Wearable Art Collection in Miami

Patty Tobin celebrates the grand opening of Nina Fuentes' brainchild, The Chill Concept, at Miami's Hardcore Art Contemporary Space on Semptember 10, 2011.

Prince Malik, Patty Tobin and Nina Fuentes on Fashion's Night Out 2011

Prince Malik (left) and Nina Fuentes (right) joined Patty Tobin (center) at her flagship boutique in Chelsea on Fashion's Night Out to celebrate the second anniversary of her grand opening in New York City.

It was our honor and pleasure to exhibit Patty Tobin at The Chill Concept at the Hardcore Art Contemporary Space in Miami this past season. Nestled right in the heart of Miami’s wonderfully edgy Wynwood Art District, Hardcore has been home to our first art gallery installation of Patty Tobin jewelry.

After kicking off in September with the gallery’s grand opening, we have had the opportunity to introduce Patty Tobin jewelry, not only to local Miami residents, but to international travelers as well. (Needless to say, Art Basel in December was one of our favorite highlights of the season.)

We want to say a special Thank You to Nina Fuentes and all our friends at Hardcore! Nina and her staff couldn’t have been more lovely to work with. Nina, an artist herself, and the creator of The Chill Concept gallery, discovered us rather serendipitously at our New York City flagship store in Chelsea last May while making her usual gallery rounds. Recognizing Patty Tobin jewelry as “wearable art,” Nina instantly saw an opportunity to incorporate us into her concept for the new gallery’s installation. (Read more…)

Patty Tobin and Nina Fuentes on Fashion's Night Out 2011.

Patty Tobin and Nina Fuentes on Fashion's Night Out on September 8, 2011.

Nina is without a doubt in the ranks of celebrity women who wear Patty Tobin. We are always so impressed with her sense of style and taste. We can’t wait to exhibit with her again at Hardcore later this year for the 2012-2013 season! An exciting new collection is already in the works, so stay tuned.

PLUS Model Magazine Sparks Controversy with Gutsy Photoshoot

PLUS Model Magazine features Patty Tobin jewelry

PLUS Model Magazine features jewelry by Patty Tobin in it's January 2012 issue that has sparked a media frenzy with it's "Plus Size Bodies: What’s Wrong With Them Anyways?" feature story.

PLUS Model Magazine recent feature, “Plus Size Bodies: What’s Wrong With Them Anyways?” has sparked a major media frenzy over the past week that’s reached around the globe and led to feature stories on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, Entertainment Tonight, Fox News, and dozens of other newspaper and blog websites.

ABC's Diane Sawyer covers PLUS size models story

Click image to Watch Diane Sawyer's segment on ABC

Our involvement with this issue, of course, started when Patty Tobin jewelry was selected for the January 2012 issue that features plus-size model Katya Zharkova in a gutsy photoshoot that has since been characterized as “explosive” and “thought provoking.”

The question the issue poses is simple: What’s so wrong with plus sized bodies anyways? The answer: nothing.

Entertainment Tonight reports on Plus size bodies controversy

Click image to Watch Entertainment Tonight's video segment

Then why has this story stirred up so much controversy you ask? Because, in addition to the fact that women today are bombarded with countless weight-loss advertisements every single day by a multi-billion dollar industry that preys on the fear of being fat, according to editor-in-chief of PPM Madeline Figueroa-Jones who wrote the hot topic article, the fashion industry has continued to support the dwindling figure of your average American model. Despite the fact that 50% of women in this country today wear a size 14 or larger, the vast majority of models today continue to shrink down to anorexic proportions.

Plus Size Bodies: What's Wrong With Them Anyways?

Click image to read the whole article

Frankly, our position on the issue is this: These women are beautiful! They’re healthy, they’re curvy and it’s about time we start addressing the fact that the “full figured” woman who takes care of herself and styles herself is as lovely as her smaller counterpart. Good things not only come in small packages but in larger packages too!  The idea that mainstream perception of “full figure” is synonymous with “fat” or “unhealthy” is ludacris!

Patty Tobin jewelry always makes a statement but has never made a better one than it has here in Katya’s photo shoot.  We often style this pearl lariat down the bare back of a black tie ensemble, but Jacci Jaye takes it to a whole other level by draping it down Katya’s bare back with nothing else but her Christian Louboutin’s.

We are so excited for the follow up story PPM’s February issue will feature on the story behind the shoot. The teasers are out and Patty Tobin jewelry is featured!

Get the Look - Luxe Jewels by Patty Tobin

Check out more on "Get the Look -- Luxe Jewels" featuring Patty Tobin

For now though, check out the latest installment of “Get The Look” featured by PPM. It highlights the “Luxe Jewels” Katya Zharkova wore for the photoshoot, including our Patty Tobin jewels. “[Donning] nothing but goegeous baubles, bangles and beads” by Patty Tobin and Atelier Minyon, stylist Jacci Jaye shares with readers where they can get the same look. Check out the story online here and look for it in the next issue of PPM out February 1st 2012!

Patty Tobin has always believed that accessories rule when it comes to fashion.   A woman’s outfit may be her canvas, but her true style – that which is most unique to her personality – is found in her accessories: her jewelry, her shoes, her bag, her belt, her scarf. It’s always been our motto that jewelry is the “ultimate fashion accessory” and it seems so appropriate to use it here – where a woman’s size has no baring on her beauty or style whatsoever. Whatever your size, Patty Tobin jewelry is a one-size fits all luxury for every woman.

Plus Model Mag Worldwide Media Coverage

Click Image to view Worldwide Media Coverage

Fashion lovers take note: Esthetique is where it’s at!

December 31, 2011  |  Get The Look, News & Events

Esthetique released their fourth issue this week and Patty Tobin jewelry is all over it! We’re so excited to see our jewelry in these AMAZING spreads. Yuko Nakao is the stylist for the magazine and she is absolutely top notch! We just love working with her and when you check out these images, I’m sure you can see why.

Patty Tobin mother of pearl torsade as seen in Esthetique

Mother of Pearl torsade by Patty Tobin in blue as seen in Esthetique's fourth issue ($595).

We are always talking about all the different ways you can wear Patty Tobin jewelry — whether it’s layering it with another piece, wearing the clasp to the front, or being a little more daring and wearing some of our longer pieces off your shoulder or draped down your back and Yuko totally gets it! Her talents coupled with our jewelry and the amazing photography of Brian Offidani, hair by Yas, and makeup by Monique Mansour, Esthetique provides the fashion find of the year for all you fashionistas out there looking for inspiration.

Patty Tobin pearl necklaces as seen in Esthetique magazine

Left: Multicolor freshwater pearl double-strand necklace by Patty Tobin ($695). Right: White and silver keshi pearl torsade by Patty Tobin ($895).

You can page through the latest issue online simply by clicking here.

Patty Tobin pink keshi pearl torsade as seen in Esthetique

Patty Tobin's pink keshi pearl torsade as seen in Esthetique, $895.

Patty Tobin for Yurga

December 13, 2011  |  Friends of Patty Tobin, News & Events

Yurga Lago (left) and Patty Tobin (right) at Klaipeda trunk show.

Jewelry designer, Yurga Lago, recently hosted New York jewelry designer, Patty Tobin, at her boutique in Klaipeda, reports a local magazine there. Guests of the evening previewed Patty Tobin for Yurga – a new collection of luxury necklaces, bracelets and earrings, all made from semiprecious gemstones and precious metals. Everyone in attendance agreed the only difficult part of the evening was choosing which one of the designer’s stunning pieces was their favorite – a very positive overall reflection of the night, we think.

This event and a second trunk show in Vilnius held the same week marked the first of many joint ventures between the two designers. With help from Tobin, Yurga’s jewelry made its debut on the CBS Early Show when Dr. Jennifer Hartstein sported one her new pins on a segment back in November.

Yurga and Tobin are also gearing up for the opening of a joint showroom in New York City around April 2012 with a debut party for Yurga hosted by Tobin at her Chelsea boutique later that fall. The two believe their collaboration is just the ticket for expanding each designer’s global audience, their clientele base as well as their brand recognition on an international level.

It is all very exciting and we can’t wait to build more on the success of December’s shows in Lithuania, so stay tuned for more over the coming year!

View the article online by clicking here.

Patty & Yurga Celebrate After Debut in Klaipeda

December 5, 2011  |  Gift Ideas, News & Events

From left to right: Patty Tobin, Yurga Lago and friends, Agla, Ruta, Nika, and Diva, at tree lighting in Klaipeda.

After a successful show in Vilnius, Patty traveled to Lithuania’s coastal city of Klaipeda with Yurga last week and was welcomed by friends, clients and media for her second show on Saturday. The reception was wonderful. Guests came with flowers and good wishes for Patty and left with reserves on their favorite pieces for the holidays. Many boasted of their excitement for such a wonderful addition to their favorite Lithuanian jewelry designer’s collection now that Patty and Yurga are in full collaboration mode.

You could really feel the holiday spirit in the air at both events. The women were lovely and so eager to welcome a new designer and her beautiful collection to their cities. There is not enough that can be said for Yurga herself, an amazing jewelry designer she is, but such a wonderfully sweet woman besides. We are so thrilled to be partnering with her and to welcome her into our own family here at Patty Tobin. Yurga is convinced the holiday season will be successful and has no doubts that she’ll sell out Patty’s entire collection!

Once the holidays are behind us, Patty and Yurga will be moving full steam ahead in their collaboration efforts with plans to open a joint showroom in NYC sometime in 2012. Patty also plans to host Yurga’s U.S. debut in NYC next fall. Exciting developments lay ahead, so stay tuned for more!

From left to right: Patty Tobin's green fire agate necklace and bracelet sets; hessonite garnet briolette necklace and earrings shown next to blue topaz earrings and smokey topaz torsade; bali sterling and freshwater pearl necklace.

Patty Tobin Debuts in Vilnius & Klaipeda This Week!

November 29, 2011  |  News & Events

After so much planning and anticipation, Patty has landing safely in Vilnius and is now gearing up for not one, but TWO, holiday trunk shows in Lithuania! Our gracious host, Yurga Lago, a renowned jewelry designer in her own right, has been nothing short of amazing. With her help we will be debuting the Patty Tobin collection in the city of Vilnius on Thursday, December 1st from 7:00PM-9:00PM, at Yurga’s boutique. Special guests and press have been invited to attend, so that they might have a chance to meet Patty in person and see her beautiful collection of semiprecious gemstone and freshwater pearl jewelry first-hand.

I saw the collection before Patty left and it is totally “signature” Patty Tobin: gorgeous pearl and gemstones ropes, luscious “gemmy gem gem” torsades, stunning pendants, matching earrings and bold cuff bracelets. One thing is for certain: The women of Vilnius are in for a real treat!

New to the plan — and a very exciting addition — is our second show, which will be hosted again by Yurga at her larger boutique in Klaipeda, a beautiful city situated right on the coast of Lithuania where the mouth of the Nemunas River flows into the Baltic Sea (talk about a great venue). The show will be held on Saturday, December 3rd at 7:00PM.

Stay tuned to hear how it all goes!

Support Small Business Saturday & Get 15% Off Your Purchase at Patty Tobin

November 22, 2011  |  News & Events

Everybody knows about Black Friday, but do you know about Small Business Saturday?? This coming Saturday marks the 2nd annual Small Business Saturday — a day dedicated to supporting small businesses on one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year.

Black Friday has notoriously been the “kickoff” for holiday shopping with big box retailers offering major discounts on everything from home electronics to clothes to bedding, but there are a lot of businesses that get left behind on this “Superbowl” of shopping days and that’s all the little mom and pop stores like us who can’t afford to offer 75% their merchandise.

But here at Patty Tobin, we’re doing our best to offer you a big discount on jewelry! For one day only, we’re offering our customers 15% their purchase at our Chelsea boutique (108 W. 17th Street) and on our online store!!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a great deal on holiday gifts AND to support a local, family owned small business 🙂 It’s a win-win deal! VISIT OUR ONLINE SHOP NOW! (Enter this code to receive your discount: SBS1126)

Charity Luncheon at United Nations Plaza Showcases Patty Tobin Jewelry

November 4, 2011  |  News & Events, Philanthropy
Patty Tobin Showcase at United Nations

Top left: Patty Tobin with the president and members of the board of the Islamic Heritage Society; top right: Patty Tobin with luncheon chair, Anwar Al-Mansoor.

Yesterday’s showcase at the United Nations Plaza was a smashing success. The women attending the Islamic Heritage Society’s annual luncheon loved the jewelry and we couldn’t have been more pleased with the reception. The event was a special fundraiser for the poverty-stricken country of Somalia with proceeds going to benefit the women and children of the area – a cause we were more than happy to support. The president and board members of the Islamic Heritage Society, along with Anwar Al-Mansoor, the luncheon chair, couldn’t have be lovelier. We hope to work with them again for their annual shopping event this coming Spring.

Patty Tobin Trunk Show in Vilnius on December 1st!

October 28, 2011  |  News & Events

Our tickets are booked and the date is set for our December 1st trunk show in Vilnius!! This beautiful city is the capital of Lithuania and one of the most up and coming cities in the world today and we couldn’t be more excited to debut Patty Tobin’s collection here in December.

City of Vilnius, Lithuania

The beautiful city of Vilnius, Lithuania

The city displays such an incredible variety of both architectural expression and willpower with an incredibly pleasant and cultured people. Vilnius is home to a deep and interesting history and “has preserved an impressive complex of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and classical buildings as well as its medieval layout and natural setting,” according to UNESCO’s World Heritage List (1994).

Whiskey Topaz Necklace by Patty Tobin

Patty Tobin will be bringing a collection of gemstone jewelry like this Whiskey Topaz Pendant Necklace for her Dec. 1st trunk show in Vilnius.

The city’s rapid growth has made it an epicenter for business in the Baltic Countries and is a destination any world traveler should strongly consider. In 2009, Vilnius was named the European Capital of Culture, and we can understand why. We are thrilled to be hosted by Lithuanian jewelry designer, Yurga Lago, at her boutique in Vilnius to showcase Patty’s collection for our first international showing. We will be bringing a collection of gorgeous semiprecious gemstone necklaces, bracelets and earrings, all handcrafted here in the states.

Lemon Topaz Rope by Patty Tobin

Beautiful, faceted gemstone necklaces like this Lemon Topaz Rope will be available for sale during our trunk show at the Yurga Lago boutique on Dec. 1st.

Event details:

What: Patty Tobin Trunk Show

Where: Yurga Lago Boutique,
Traku St. 16, Vilnius, Lithuania

When: December 1, 2011

Details will be continually updated on our Events page, so stay tuned!