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November 23, 2010  |  News & Events
Bi-lemon Necklace by Patty Tobin As Seen On iVillage

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Meet the women helping women to succeed in this challenging economy

Meet the women helping women in this challenging economyPatty Tobin joined co-organizers, Sheri Best and Lisa Ricciardi, and First Lady of New York State Michelle Paige Patterson, last week at the Women in Construction & Real Estate Networking Event held at the Haworth building in New York City. The purpose of the night: to celebrate and empower women pursuing careers in nontraditional employment fields such as construction, real estate, transportation, facilities maintenance, green and energy industries. These women are an important part of this dynamic effort to help women lead and succeed in this challenging economy.

As a woman who worked for more than a decade leading her own private contracting firm before turning to pursue her passion for jewelry design, Tobin was asked to say a few words about her experience running her own construction company in such a male-dominated industry. Tobin spent the night speaking to guests about the critical importance of creating better business opportunities for women. To help boost proceeds for the event, Tobin also donated a lovely bronze shell pearl necklace, which will go to benefit NEW: Nontraditional Employment for Women. You can check it out along with other pictures from the night here!

Reuters: Small Businesses Find Comfort in Superstitions

October 25, 2010  |  News & Events

Tobin, who said she is a positive person by nature, keeps a stone Buddha in her store, a gift from her brother provided in time for last year's opening.

Just in time for Halloween, Reuters reporter Deborah L. Cohen published this story on small business owners who take comfort in spiritual and superstitious beliefs. Patty Tobin was interviewed for the piece and provides a rosy outlook on the subject:

“The overarching thing for me is mind over matter,” said Tobin, a former marketing consultant who began designing jewelry six years ago. “It’s the whole idea of moving energy and making a situation a little more auspicious toward whatever goal you’re trying to accomplish.”

Tobin, who said she is a positive person by nature, also keeps a stone Buddha in her store, a gift from her brother provided in time for last year’s opening.

“We had magnificent sales that night,” she said, noting that overall sales of her merchandise have done well despite the economy.

Read the full Reuters article here.

A Smashing Affair: Patty Tobin’s Anniversary Celebration on 17th Street

Party pictures from Patty Tobin's Anniversary Celebration

New friends, old friends, neighbors, clients, celebrity stylists and TV personalities, all mingled together to celebrate our one year anniversary at our 17th Street boutique in Chelsea. - Photos by Robert Paul Tardio

TV personalities, long-term clients and friends gathered at our Chelsea Boutique on September 10th to celebrate our one-year anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since we opened our doors in New York! We were a new and different addition to the neighborhood then, but as I look through these photos, I see how much has happened in a year and how many of our New York friends and neighbors have become a part of the Patty Tobin family. There was little more we could have asked for then to have our biggest supporters, our partners, our clients, our friends and our family all together enjoying, what turned out to be, one hell of a party! Guests sipped champagne and karaoked their hearts out well past midnight! Visit our Facebook page for the best selection of photos from the party or you can check them out on Guest of a Guest.

Also, checkout out our press page for more on Karina Mahtani-Mitchell’s special Fashion’s Night Out report for CBS News’ Celebrity Circuit. Patty Tobin’s Spring 2010 Collection was unveiled on Fashion’s Night Out and is featured in the article. Read it here!

Patty Tobin Offers Her “Secrets to Bootstrapping” to American Express OPENForum

September 14, 2010  |  News & Events

AMEX OpenForum Secrets to Bootstrapping (By Bootstrappers)

American Express OPENForum’s Shira Levine interviews life-long entrepreneur Patty Tobin for her recent article, “Secrets to Bootstrapping (From Bootstrappers),” in which she asked Tobin how she pursued her professional dreams on her own without totally breaking the bank. Tobin shares her expertise and pulls on her own success stories to offers tips for entrepreneurs who are looking to start or grow their own business in the current economic climate

Excerpt from the article:

Despite the naysayers, [Tobin] decided to open her store with a huge party that coincided with New York Fashion Week’s Fashion’s Night Out. “We were the only opening that night and people thought I was crazy economically to have a luxury line, but I guess I am a crazy lady – it worked!” says Tobin. Read the full article here…

Fashionistas Flock to Private Trunk Show at Patty Tobin

VIP Guests crowd Patty Tobin's Chelsea boutique on Weds night to get a sneak peak at the designer's latest and greatest creations
Wednesday night’s trunk show at our Patty Tobin flagship boutique in Chelsea was a hit! New York City’s fashion and media elite turned out and piled in the store to get a first-hand look at Patty’s latest and greatest gemstone and pearl creations. Guests included Fox News Correspondent, Courtney Friel, celebrity blogger, Jill Dobson, InTouch Weekly’s Amy Palmer, NYC’s Commissioner of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting, Katherine Oliver, fashion designer, Joanna Mastroianni, and many, many more.

With the help of celebrity style expert, Felix Mercado, Patty Tobin and her staff guided guests through the designer’s new line of gemstone pendants, pearl ropes, and her oh-so coveted Tiger Eye collection. Finding the styles that fit each lady’s taste was the easy part; deciding which pieces to take home was considerably more difficult. Luckily, there were plenty of desirable fashions to select from, and no guest went home empty-handed.

Check out photos at Guest of a Guest and read more about the event: Jewels Galore: A Trunk Show At Patty Tobin.

(Photo Gallery of this event Coming Soon to From 17th Street)

Patty Tobin gets Shout Out from Celebrity Blogger, Jill Dobson

Celebrity blogger, Jill Dobson (pictured wearing a Patty Tobin necklace above), was in attendance last night at Patty Tobin’s F.O.F. Private Trunk Show event at her Fine Fashion Jewelry boutique in Chelsea, along with Fox Correspondent Courtney Friel, celebrity style expert Felix Mercado, In Touch Weekly’s Amy Palmer, and many, many more. Hear what Jill had to say about last night’s VIP turnout on her blog,

“New York City fashion and media leaders flocked to Patty Tobin Fine Fashion Jewelry Boutique Wednesday night for a sneak peek at the jeweler’s latest and greatest creations. Read more of Black, White and Bejeweled…

AMEX Open Forum Interview with Patty Tobin

July 3, 2010  |  News & Events

AMEX Open Forum recently interviewed jewelry designer and life-long entrepreneur, Patty Tobin, to get her insights into how small businesses can save money in the current economic climate. Drawing on her expertise as a business owner, Patty Tobin explains that making the most of your headquarters is a good place to start, but points out that constant negotiations is key to keeping costs down when times are tough.

Here is an excerpt from the July 2nd article that appeared on AMEX Open Forum’s website and

Get the most out of your headquarters.

Patty Tobin owns a fine jewelry shop in New York City, where the cost of running a business and living is not a trivial expense. Tobin makes it a point to negotiate with her landlord by freezing rent rates, providing a month out of the year lease at no charge, giving credits towards utility charges if not included in rent.

Within her shop she is mindful year-round of heat and air conditioning. “[I am] constantly checking with telephone and cable providers for better rates, too.” Better yet, cut out the landline and fax line — with Blackberrys and iPhones, and everything compatible for email, who needs them?

Read the article, “3 Easy Ways Any Business Can Save Money,” in its entirety here.

Patty Tobin & Friends at New York Magazine Event hosted by Beth Ostrosky Stern in NYC

From left: Felix Mercado, Beth Ostrosky Stern, Patty Tobin, Dr. Mauro C. Romita

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Dr. Jen Talks with CBS Early Show About The Problems with Best Friends

Dr. Jen Hartstein on CBS Early Show

Dr. Jen wearing our new matching vermeil earrings and pendant necklace on CBS Early Show this week

Watch CBS News Video

Today on the CBS Early Show, child psychologist, Dr. Jen Hartstein, talks with Erica Hill about the pros and cons of having one best friend at an early age.